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Witchcraft & Knighthood เล่ห์ลวงอัศวิน

Witchcraft & Knighthood

“I was betrayed therefore I almost died.

The day of my last breath was when I met you.”

Witchcraft & Knighthood เล่ห์ลวงอัศวิน

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Category: LGBTQ+ (Sapphic)

Idea: How the voiceless people could be heard.

Selling Point:

  • The setting is newly created, inspired by the medieval period.
  • Enemy-to-lover relationship: How two protagonists resolve their conflicts, overcome pains from their loss, and become allies in the end.
  • Magical and mystery vibe in the forest
  • Cute black cat, although its real identity is the Sith Cat

Premise: The knights of the royal court hunt the witch, with the accusation of King’s murder. The knight Salazar McShieldburg is assassinated during the witch-hunting mission. She is seriously injured. But it is the witch named Selestina who saves her life.


The Narvania Kingdom is peaceful due to the collaboration between the royal family and witches. Until one day, everything turns upside down after the king was murdered. The witches are accused of the crime, so they are massacred by the knights of the royal court. During the mission, the knight Salazar McShieldburg is assassinated. She is badly injured by an unknown poisoned spear. But one of the witches, who are so harshly hunted that they are almost extinct, named Salestina saves her life.

Sazalar doesn’t have any choice but to stay in Salestina’s tree house surrounded by the thick forest of Gatalune valley and protected by the griffin until she fully recovers. In the meantime, Salazar is told about the prophecy, about who she is, and about her memory that had been lost. More importantly, she learns about the truth that has been hidden.

The murderer isn’t the witch. Moreover, according to the prophecy, it is only Salazar who could solve the case and bring back justice to the witch. What is the truth behind the king’s murder? Who is the real culprit? How are the voices of the voiceless witches heard and compensated?

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