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Enchanted Eyes นัยนามนตรา

Enchanted Eyes

“Without eyes, sirens could survive. But death is preferable”

Enchanted Eyes นัยนามนตรา

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Category: LGBTQ+ (Sapphic)

Idea: Choices that you must decide to choose: the one you love or the one who saves your life.

Selling Point:

  • The second story in the “Embrace of Sea” novel set.
  • Suitable for readers who like myths about sirens and relationships between female characters.
  • The setting is newly created, mostly describing the undersea world of the siren.
  • The relationships between female characters are strong: whether it is love at first sight (main characters) or a love-hate relationship (supporting characters).

Premise: Leandra is shot by pirates and falls overboard. A siren named Anya saves her life. They began to fall for each other. Then, the hunters invade Siren’s territory because they want Siren’s Eyes. Unfortunately, Leandra’s secret is revealed.


Leandra leaves Port Royal, the seaport of AsKaria Kingdom, in the hope of finding her lost brother. Paying tokens to the merchants, she set sail towards the Kingdom of Gluisthington. Rumor has it that Lord Lestrade is still searching for his son and daughter who were kidnapped 15 years ago.

During Leandra’s journey, the ship encounters the pirates. In an attempt to escape from the pirates, the group enters the Siren’s territory unawares. Leandra fights against the pirates vigorously as they begin to attack the ship.

In the midst of the chaos, Leandra is shot and falls overboard. Her body sinks further and further, blood oozing out of the wound, swallowed into the ocean. Leandra thinks that she will not survive.

Luckily, a siren named Anya saves her life. This siren heals her wound and takes good care of her. She also shows Leandra the beauty of the Anchor Reef Island in the Siren’s Territory. The two begin to fall for each other, as Leandra learns that the sirens are not, as rumored, vicious.

However, the peace never stays long. Eyeing for the Siren’s Eyes full of knowledge, secrets, and hidden treasure around the vast ocean, the guild leader Morgana leads the hunters to invade the Ralts Sea, the siren’s territory. Leandra’s secret is also revealed that it was her plan all along to come across the sirens, with the intention to take the Siren’s Eyes.

During the battles, the sirens do not only need to fight against the hunters, but they also need to fight against the harpies, their arch-nemesis. Fortunately, the battles end when the pirate king steps in to help the sirens. The harpies are banished, while Morgana loses the fight. In the end, Leandra is able to finally meet her long-lost brother and learn about the truth behind her origin.

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