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Lost of A Kind พรรณสูญ

Lost of A Kind

“No matter what you choose, I’ll always protect you and stay by your side.”

Lost of A Kind พรรณสูญ

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Category: M/F Romance

Idea: Human’s greed and jealousy could cause disaster more than we thought.

Selling Point:

  • The third story in the “Embrace of Sea” novel set.
  • The setting is newly created. Incidents of the story happen on the lost island which is hidden from the world for a thousand years.
  • Both protagonists don’t have special powers. But with help from friends and their attempts to solve mysteries, they could pass any obstacle.
  • Healthy relationships between male and female characters. Karry is willing to help Anakadia no matter what happens and respects her decision.

Premise: Captain Karry Wallace survived the eruption of seamounts. He is rescued by Anacadia, a lady from the lost tribe called Acthillian. Many incidents happen, including the loss of the plant protector which can destroy the tribe.


Captain Karry Wallace survived the eruption of seamounts while other mariners died, and his ship was sunk. He was stranded on the lost island which had been hidden behind the Invisible Wall for thousands of years since the Big Flood.

He was rescued by Anacadia, a lady from the lost tribe called Acthillian. His existence was suspicious as the Outsider couldn’t pass through the Invisible Wall. However, since then, many incidents have happened: the leader of the tribe was poisoned, and some of the villagers disappeared. Most importantly, the Protector Plant also disappeared which could destroy the Acthillian tribe.

Karry and Anacadia joined hands to find the lost Protector Plant and solve the mystery of the tribe. Unfortunately, during the case, Karry also disappeared and Anakadia did not hesitate to look for him.

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