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The Piracy Vipe

“Wish on the Ocean to embrace you for eternity”

The Piracy Vipe เล่ห์กลกะโหลกไขว้

(Vol 1-2)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Category: LGBTQ+ (M/M romance)

Idea: Rumours are rumours. Is the treasure worth risking?

Selling Point:

  • The first story in the “Embrace of Sea” novel set.
  • Suitable for fantasy and adventure readers, aged around 18-30 years old.
  • The setting is newly created, inspired by the 15th century period.
  • Including the lives of pirates on board, pirate captain’s magical power, pirates’ annual ritual performed on the island showing off their rules and communities.
  • Adventure in the ocean, encountering sirens, fighting against kraken and the marine.

Premise: James Phorus flees from the marine force to captain pirate Trey Jaden’s ship and announces himself as the King’s ex-crew. He claims he knows how to find the treasure of the King. Then, Trey realizes whether the King is dead or not. What is the hidden treasure? Does it really exist or just a rumor?


James Phorus is an ordinary fisherman, living in Port Royal – the port town of Auskaria Kingdom. His life is peaceful until Eli Bline, the pirate, raids the Archive Tower. Eli steals the map of the hidden treasure of the King of the pirates who is believed to be dead and leaves his hidden treasure behind. The marine gathers villagers, including James, to join the force to arrest this pirate. During the journey, the marine encounters Trey Jayden, another pirate captain of the Talisman ship who also wants that treasure. James decides to flee to Trey’s ship and announces himself as the King’s ex-crew. He claims that he knows the way to the treasure of the King. Even though Trey doesn’t fully trust James, he still allows James to stay on board, to guide him and his crew to the treasure.

First, they must go to Barns Island, to gather all necessary tools to reach the Deadly Island safely. Here, Trey discovers the truth about whether the King is dead or not.

James and Trey must face many obstacles during the journey to Death Island, such as sirens, kraken and fighting against the marine.

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